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WNHS THUNDER LIBRARY: Project Lead the Way


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Thank you to our local community business for financially supporting our student competitions.

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Some of the apps suggested below may require purchasing and are not free.These apps are suggestions and not requirements for this class.

Current Student Competitions for STEM at WNHS

Drafting Competition

Students are currently preparing for the regional IDEA drafting competition to be held at McHenry County College (MCC) this month. the competition has openings in multiple categories for students to enter to challenge their skill sets. Some of WNHS students will be competing  in Assembly while others will be competing in 3D design. Students are currently enrolled in the PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design course.

WNHS Robotic

MCC is hosting the second annual robotic competition next spring. WNHS will be starting to work on a solution to the challenge that has been presented. Students are welcome to join at any time. Robotics teams will form and work in groups of three to compete. Please see the following link to find information and watch the video.

Students at WNHS work on all phases of the design stages to develop a solution to compete.

2016-1017 New Competition will be High Mileage Vehicle

Students will follow the rules and regulations provided by Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association (WEEVA). Students will design, construct, test, and compete with their fully functional vehicle during the school year.

This type of challenge is run in multiple states across the United States, including but not limited to Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, California, and more.

Shell Oil has a worldwide competition that is similar and challenges indifferent age groups.


Do you know what PLTW is and what it can do for your future?

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is the leading Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program in the United States for education. WNHS is one of the National certified programs in the country to deliver this material. All students are welcome to take PLTW classes. Do not get confused by the name word "engineering" as this does not define what the class is or the career path that comes from taking these classes. In the most basic form, if you are a person who cares to improve life in any way from an improved roadway, new medical processes, new mobile application, communication device, etc. these offerings are for you.

District 200 PLTW Information Page

Technology Student Association

Woodstock North High School is proud to have a Technology Student Association that is aligned with National standards and recognized as one of the nine Career and Technical Student Organizations. the members of the National Coordinating Council for Career and Technical Student Organizations (NCC-CTSO) are the executive directors of the nationally recognized Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). Students get more than recognition including leadership skills, academic challenges, and networking skills. Any student is welcomed to join the WNHS TSA Club.


Mission Statement

The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

The Technology Student Association's Motto

Learning To Live In A Technical World

The Technology Student Association's Creed

I believe that Technology Education holds an important place in my life in the technical world. I believe there is a need for the development of good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation, and processes of industry. Guided by my teachers, artisans from industry, and my own initiative, I will strive to do my best in making my school, community, state, and nation better places in which to live. I will accept the responsibilities that are mine. I will accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence. I will explore on my own for safer, more effective methods of working and living. I will strive to develop a cooperative attitude and will exercise tact and respect for other individuals. Through the work of my hand and mind, I will express my ideas to the best of my ability. I will make it my goal to do better each day the task before me, and to be steadfast in my belief in my God, and my fellow Americans.


Project Lead the Way

Contact Information

Stephen Buchs

Woodstock North High School

3000 Raffel Road

Woodstock, IL 60098



I have been asked by several people to put together a list of vendors that offer a variety of supplies for activities that modern students of the 21st century may enjoy to order. I would like to note that I have no connection to any of the following companies and get no benefit from these companies. I cannot be held responsible for any of their materials, orders, or company policies. I know that it can be hard to shop for gifts that educate and are engaging for the modern student. I hope that this list helps the people who have asked for a starting point. I would encourage anyone using these links to still search specific products across multiple vendors as it can vary more in price than one can even imagine.


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